Rush Bias weave Containers and plaiting & Cordage

Bias Weave - 10am - 1pm | Plaiting & Cordage - 2pm - 4pm

In the morning session the students will learn how to convert a 2D check weave start into a 3D bias weave form. They will discover how to make the siding using a mold and how the tension of the weave affects the shape. They will then make a border to finish the container.

The afternoon session is to make various plaits and cordage. 

The two sessions are separate.

If you book to do both at the same time the cost is £65.

10am -1pm £40pp + materials
2pm – 4pm £30pp +materials

Workshop: Workshop: Rush Bias Weave Containers and Plaiting & Cordage (Both workshops)

Price: £65 pp

Workshop: Workshop: Bias Weave only

Price: £40 pp

Workshop: Workshop: Plaiting & Cordage only

Price: £30 pp